23 augustus 2019
Posted by: Dirk

Based on the CRF450RX, Italian’s RedMoto Honda have released details of their Enduro CRF400RX which is due for release in 2018.

Announced during last week’s ISDE in France, the Enduro CRF400RX is a sleeved-down version of their all ready available Enduro CRF450RX, as raced by Giacomo Redondi in the world championships. The intention of the model, say RedMoto, is to produce a more user friendly enduro bike for hobby and amateur riders a like, while still offering plenty of power when needed.

Honda CRF 400 ENDURO 2018 RedMoto 3 1200

The new CRF400RX Enduro is the intermediate displacement that allows riders to comfortably enjoy an enduro weekend without too much fatigue — manageable in the toughest situations while increasing driving pleasure. The CRF 400RX Enduro nevertheless renounces the power, while maintaining the speed and handling capabilities of the older sister, the CRF 450RX from which it derives.

The 413 cc CRF400RX Enduro engine compression ratio is 13.0: 1 and the bore and stroke dimensions are 92 x 62.1 mm. The Enduro CRF400RX is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox. The final drive is 13:51.

Honda CRF 400 ENDURO 2018 RedMoto 1200

The Honda Engine Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) allows the rider to choose between three mapping setting. Map 1 is the most aggressive and suitable for attacking the fastest sections where great responsiveness is required. Map 2, offers a softer, sweeter response to assist slippery, muddy trails. Map 3, supersoft, is more specific to extreme riding. The Showa suspension is exactly identical to those of Enduro CRF450RX, calibrated specific for enduro.

In addition, the rear wheel is 18 “and the standard equipment includes a larger tank of 7.3 litres, electric starter, side stand and homologation.

Pricing to be confirmed.
Availability in early 2018.